The BEC Engineering Outreach Program brings hands-on experiments to elementary school classrooms. 

The program at each school begins with an inter-active Power Point presentation to explain basic engineering principals to the children. Following the general presentation, each team leader and their associated team of students visit the hands-on "centers" to explore a world of engineering.

  • The Bridge Center allows children to build their own bridge out of various materials including Styrofoam, straws, and spaghetti and then test the strength of their design by adding weight to a bucket suspended from their bridge. Here we find out that good engineers learn through modeling.  
  • The Water Engineer Center allows children to investigate the world of a water engineer. Using a large mat showing the layout of a city the young engineers put together a clear water pipe system that will deliver water from the water plant to each business in the town and finally to the house. This one is a little wet - but loads of fun and shows that there is no right or wrong way to do things - in all paths the water reaches its destination.  
  • The Electrical Engineer Center provides an explanation of energy and electricity for young electrical engineers. Light bulbs are connected to a hand-crank generator and the children are invited to see how much strength and energy it takes to turn the crank and realize that it takes more energy to light four bulbs than two. Here we learn the valuable lesson of conservation.  
  • The Computer Modeling Center allows children to explore the world of computer modeling. Our group utilizes the West Point Bridge Designer Program to allow children the opportunity to design and test their own bridge using computer modeling similar to what is actually completed. As the children reach high school, they will become eligible for a scholarship offered for the best design submitted utilizing this modeling software. To download this software program for free - or to view more information on the scholarship program visit the West Point Bridge Design Contest

A closing review synopsis concludes the program.


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